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Laboratoire Rivadis

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Assist local marketing and e-commerce partners in the development of the French RIVADOUCE baby skincare brand in China.

RIVADOUCE is a French organic brand owned by the French family group Laboratoire Rivadis. RIVADOUCE was launched in China on 1st April 2021 on Tmall Global and is expected to launch on online domestic in Q4 2021. Given the sanitary situation, the French manager supposed to come and live in Shanghai is stuck in Paris. He is looking for a right-hand person to support him locally in the development of the brand. The RIVADOUCE brand sales target is 8,500,000 RMB online for 2021.



  • Coordinate brand strategy and investments with marketing agency YKONE to achieve social media fanbase: WeChat = 12,000 fans, Weibo = 10,000 fans, Red = 2,000 fans, Douyin = 1,200 fans
  • Coordinate brand strategy and investments with e-commerce partner (aka “Tmall Partner”) to achieve 8,500,000 RMB online GMV in 2021
  • Report competition benchmark on monthly basis
  • Review and validate social media content on daily basis
  • Review and validate e-commerce content on daily basis
  • Report social media and e-commerce operations on a weekly basis
  • Source 4 local people to recruit in 12 months



  • Basic knowledges of e-commerce in China
  • Basic knowledges of digital marketing in China
  • Basic knowledges of social media ecosystem in China
  • Past experience in the skincare industry
  • Must speak French or Chinese + English
  • Oversea study or working experience (can cowork at international level)
  • Communication friendly
  • Can read Chinese is a plus



  • Coachable. Openness to criticism and ideas
  • Teamwork and communication friendly
  • Work ethic, has a track record of working hard to get the job done
  • High standards
  • Intelligence, understand and learn quickly.
  • Analytical skills, able to structure and process data and draw insightful conclusions from it



  • Passion
  • Benevolence
  • Loyalty
  • Collaborative vs competitive
  • Treat people with respect
  • Emphasis on quality and consumer experience
  • Honesty
  • Integrity


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