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ZHIYOU SHENZHEN LIMITED is looking for his COO, in charge of the development of the Chinese market. This new position will be based in one of the major Chinese cities (BJ, SH, HZ or SZ). Associated to the company after a probatory period, she will have to manage 21 exclusive agents dedicated to 600 beauty and sport shops per city. Exclusive agent per city, exclusive ambassador per district, exclusive premium shop per area/mall.

Negotiate each year the agent contracts and motivate them. Manage the training of the agent’s ambassadors in each district in the city with help of 1 dedicate trainer and promote our BEAUTY brands to the AMIPREMIUM’s shops with the help of 1 beauty product manager and 1 ambassador coach will be the main tasks.

About ZHIYOU (AMIPREMIUM) : ZHIYOU is a loyalty program. We offer an O2O international platform to provide customers to Beauty and Healthy shops. Our innovation is based on a predictive engine to suggest the best shops and on recognition of the clients. 

深圳知友友信息咨询有限公司(以下称“公司”)正在寻找他的首席运营官合伙人,负责中国市场的发展。这个新职位将设在中国的一个主要城市(北京、上海或深圳)。加入公司 3 个月或 6 个月(试用期) 后,首席运营官将要管理 20 个致力于 600 家门店的独家代理商,专门服务于每个城市美容和运动机构。 开发每座城市的独家代理商,每个地区的独家品牌大使,每个专营店或商场的独家精品店。 致力于每年谈判代理合同。在 1 名专职培训师的帮助下,管理本市各地区代理商大使的培训,并在 1 名 产品经理的帮助下,向 AMIPREMIUM 的店推广我们的美容品牌。

关于知友 (AMIPREMIUM) 知友是一个忠诚度计划项目。  我们提供 o2o 国际平台,为客户提供美容和健康机构。 我们的创新是基于检测和预测引擎来建议最好的商店和店内最好的物品。


  • Launch the first city pilot which can be Beijing or Shanghai or Shenzhen (from 3 to 6 months) 
  • Pitch and get on board the investors to finance the 20 adding cities deployment 
  • Identify and sign contract with 20 exclusive agents + negotiate the yearly renewal with each agent
  • Animate the agent network, plan the training schedules, and help ambassador’s recruitments,  
  • Convert 50% of the AMIPREMIUM shops to our own beauty brands.
  • 启动首个试点城市,可以是北京或上海或深圳,为期 3-6 个月; 
  • 推荐我们的项目给投资者,让他们为 20 个新增城市的部署提供资金; 
  • 确认并与 20 家独家代理签约+与各代理商协商续约事宜; 
  • 驱动我们的代理网渠道规划培训日程,协助区域大使的招聘工作; 
  • .将 AMIPREMIUM 50% 的店铺产品转换为我们自己的美容品牌。



  • You know how to select agents and manage contract renewal in China (Based on result/team potential). 
  • Experience with marketing, especially deals with physical shops and you perfectly understand O2O strategy. 
  • Curious, well organized, open-minded, pragmatic and solution oriented. 
  • Awareness in beauty and sports industries, would be appreciate. 
  • Good command of spoken Chinese, written is a plus.
  • 知道如何筛选和处理合同签署/续签流程(基于结果/团队潜力); 
  • 具有丰富销售经验,尤其是实体店,并且完美理解 O2O 销售战略; 
  • 好奇心、良好的组织力、思想开放,务实和以解决方案为导向; 
  • 对美容和体育行业有非常好的见解,优先考虑; 
  • 良好的中文表达、书写能力,优先考虑。



  • A degree in international marketing or management
  • Experience of coupons and 020 business or loyalty program overcome
  • Good skill in headhunting or skills detection in order to optimize turnover and the training
  • 国际销售或管理学学位; 
  • 具有优惠券、O2O 商务和客户忠诚度策划经验; 
  • 良好的猎头技能或分辨能力,以便化营业额和培训。


  • The opportunity to become partners for an ambitious worldwide challenge and win 2 M$ in 2 years.
  • Work in an international startup based in China, Europe, and US with a cross culture management team.
  • The chance to develop your skills in a fast-growing environment and take the international lead position. 
  • 有机会成为雄心勃勃的挑战全球市场的合作伙伴,并在两年内赢得 200 万美金的创业机会 与跨文化管理团队一起在中国、欧洲和美国的国际初创公司工作 有机会在快速发展的环境中发挥您的技能,并在国际上处于领先地位。


  • Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou or Shenzhen
  • 北京 上海 杭州 深圳


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